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Exciting Day
Today I will be making a journey, a journey back in time.

I am going to the town I grew up in and left in 1973. I have been back to the town a few times over the years but today is a bit different. I will be meeting an old friend, a friend who as boys we were constantly hanging around each other. But when high school let out, I did not meet him again until some 41 years later and he was getting remarried.

But that is not the only thing that is taking me back in time. I will be meeting on Saturday at a potluck some people I went to high school with. Hard to believe that it has been forty two years since that day when I walked off that campus for the last time. Back then; I did not take the time to savor the moment of taking my last steps on that campus, but that was the immaturity of the day, like so many kids of the day, I was just thinking of my freedom.

Ah freedom! How we look at and do not fully appreciate what we have. In reflection to the freedom I thought I had as I walked down the aisle in my cap and gown to receive that high school diploma, little did I realize that the freedom I was about to enjoy came with a price tag. Yep!! Now I was becoming a full fledge tax payer, paying out hard earned monies to support the military that guaranteed that freedom. Taxes that would pay for the next group of graduates looking to leave the confines of the required school studies and to do what I wanted with the rest of my life. But bound by the ties of work, paying taxes, having my own kids, paying more taxes, and dying and still paying taxes after death.

Oh it sounds like I am complaining but it is truly not! I look at the misguided countries of the Middle East and how they thrive to imprison and abuse their citizens. Brainwashing them into believing that freedom is a bad thing. Sending their children off to a so called holy war to die for what? So that some cruel man or men can toss acid into the face of a beautiful young girl. To disfigure and mistreat females, to treat females as that of an object and not a human being. Then these same men travel out of country to splurge in the whore houses and bars, to smoke tobacco and have sex outside of marriage. Then return to their country to condemn such things as against some deity that has no face, no merit, no meaning.

A lady friend once told me that you can trace every single war man has waged to having a religious component. It makes you wonder, is religion worth it? Is it a thing that holds merit? It makes me question the validity of religion but I like religion because it is fun, it does have a place, but is there life after we die? There is only one way to answer that.

As I go back and see people I have not seen in forty two years this weekend, I reflect that the majority if not all, that it will be the last time we meet. Maybe in an afterlife! Who knows? It just might exist.


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