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As 2012 Closes
As the year 2012 is drawing to a close, we reflect on the previous year and all that has happened. We cry, we laugh, we share, and we be.

We cry over the loved ones and neighbors that have left us and have moved on to the next step of life. Some of these lives have been cut short by a person(s) who have no respect for the lives of others. It is these less minded individuals that think proving how wrong others are is to take many innocent lives. Some are drug lord king pins that is at war with society and will go the extra distance to kill people to prove a point. Their point is dominance over people and makes them bend to their will. They think it makes them a big person to inflict pain on the lives of innocent people and control them as slaves to their cause. In reality what they are doing is showing the rest of the world what a complete ass they are and the evil that they follow. The news is full of these asses but the innocent will glamorize them too in the movies we go to see, the news articles we read. We humans thrive on this stuff at times. It only adds fuel to the fire of these mindless asses.

We like to laugh at the ridiculous. Sometimes the so called comedy shows we watch on television are so far out there. Comedy shows wants to address issues that confront society each and every day. It seems that if a show does not have their token gay on it, it will not succeed. It makes me think of the comedy shows of the 60s and 70s in need of their token black or it will not succeed. I ask myself why we cannot just have a good show where it makes you laugh and for a short time lets you escape the issues of our world.
We share what we have with others. It is too bad it takes a natural disaster to make peoples come together and help one another. What happens in everyday lives that we can do to help our fellow man? Nothing for the most part. Oh there are those that do go out of their way to help others day in and day out. These individuals have dedicated their lives in helping others. I appreciate these people and thank them for their contribution to society. I believe these dedicated peoples remind us that we are supposed to be intelligent and help our fellow humans and caretakers of our planet.

We will be and now it looks like we will forever be. It has been over a week now that the Mayan calendar has come to an end but the world has not. We have survived countless tries by mindless individuals that have tried to make themselves look good by proclaiming the end of time is upon us. These people try to scare us and try to bend us in believing their way. Could the Mayans just got tired of counting or some other reason they only made the calendar go to where it did? It is like me writing this post and knowing it could go on and on. So it is time to quit, for now, and let someone else say something…….

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